Confronting Pedophilia

The following is

my response to

concerning comments about

Jeffery Epstein by Michael Vigil

“Former DEA International Operations Chief” 


"Michael Vigil Talks to TRT World

about Epstein Death”

Woe! COWARDS, such as Michael Vigil, ignore what we have done to our Children due our Willful Failure to confront the Climate Crisis:

We ABANDONED them to Greed's demands!

Why is it that SUCH won't be discussed by the Cess-Pool of Scum that will make (Or Cover - to make money!) claims against Epstein's purported "Fortune”?

ERGO! We continue on our path to a now unavoidable disaster: Starvation for MOST by Spring 2022 & EXTINCTION by 2026! 

And we focus on PEDOPHILIA?

For those who won't admit such:

17% of ALL Humans are subject to Pedophilia's overwhelming control.

And NO Pedophile can confront that affliction on their own.

Left alone, without some form of support, they will find a means to access Children. 17% of which shall be predisposed to willingly participate in whatever arises.

The others, that's where the problems start. They should NOT be exposed to such!

And they should NOT be exposed to near term extinction due their Parents Failure to confront their non-stop use of Personal Vehicles that they KNEW, YEARS AGO, would lead to disaster. 


Who are the guilty parties with respect to the NEAR TERM EXTINCTION that awaits all?

The 17% who are Pedophiles?

Or the PARENTS that abandoned their CHILDREN upon Greed's Heating Altar AFTER they read "Life's Dusty Passing”?


Prophetic. Ghost grey,  Industrial pall.

Suspended, Screening our greed, Hiding our gall

 Deflecting our view Of a dust laden extinction.

Answering our follies, Our demands of MORE!

DJL - Meanderings -  Spring/85 

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For your Children

if, actually, you care

about what they face:




- period -

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